North Creek Homeowners Association, Inc.
D. H. Bader Management, Inc.
14440 Cherry Lane Court, Suite 219
Laurel, MD 20707 
301-953-1912 Fax

After Hours Emergency

David Webster, Community Manager
301-953-1955, Ext. 230

Tanya Hutton, Community Administrator
301-953-1955, Ext. 300

For accounting inquiries, please contact:
Ext. 150, 100 or 110



Welcome to North Creek Homeowners Association, Inc.
Committees - Volunteers are always needed to serve on the following committees: Grounds, Budget, Architectural, Social, and Newsletter.  Please call D. H. Bader Management, Inc. at 301-953-1955 if you are interested in serving on a committee

Common Space Management
D. H. Bader Management, Inc. is responsible for the physical oversight of the community; including, but not limited to, grounds maintenance and maintenance of common areas.

Emergency Calls
Only common area emergencies should be reported to D. H. Bader Management, Inc., at 301-421-4961.  If the emergency affects only your home (i.e. plumbing or heating problem), you must contact your own service person (or the warranty service person if applicable).  You should have received warranty information on your heat pump, appliances, and related equipment when you purchased your home.

Exterior Modifications
The Association's documents require that exterior modifications be approved by the Board of Directors prior to making changes.  An application form is enclosed for your convenience. Generally speaking, changes must be architecturally compatible with the existing architecture at Indian Creek/North Creek HOA. Please refer to your documents for information on this Covenant and the authority of the Board of Directors To expedite the decision process, please insure that your application provides all required information.

Your application should be sent to: Indian Creek/North Creek HOA  c/o D. H. Bader Management, Inc., 14440 Cherry Lane Court, Suite 219, Laurel, MD 20707.

D. H. Bader Management, Inc. is responsible for collecting assessments, providing financial statements, preparing budgets, and advising the Board on financial matters. Assessments made payable to Indian Creek/North Creek HOA is due on the first day of each month and should be mailed to: Payment Processing c/o Indian Creek/North Creek Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 98193, Phoenix, AZ 85038-0193.

Financial Matters - Budget
The current budget for the Association is enclosed.  Please file the budget with your Homeowner Association documents.

General Information
Please fill out the enclosed information form and return it to D. H. Bader Management, Inc., 14440 Cherry Lane Court, Suite 219, Laurel, MD 20707. This information is requested by the managing agent in the administration of our responsibilities and will be kept confidential.

Grounds Maintenance
Full-service grounds care will be provided for common areas only.  This service includes regular mowing, trimming, edging, insect control, fertilization, mulching and weeding of common shrub beds and trees, and leaf removal.

As there are no common water hookups, the Association encourages all residents to contribute to healthy grounds by watering both your lawn areas and adjacent common areas.  The cost of your watering will be minimal compared to the Association using a water tanker to water during the summer months or replacing dead plant material.  Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!
Please note that your outside hose bib should be winterized to prevent frozen or burst pipes during the cold weather.

Owners are urged to immediately secure adequate insurance for their homes and personal belongings. The Association maintains insurance coverage for common area items and Association liability only.

Maintenance Responsibilities
Maintenance responsibilities of the Association and individual owners are delineated in the legal documents.  Generally, the Association is responsible for maintenance and repair of the common elements, including common grounds, and entrance signs.  Please familiarize yourself with this information.

Moving In
When you move into your new home, please use caution regarding the grounds.  Moving trucks and other vehicles should not be driven on the lawn areas.  Cartons and other moving materials should be broken down and left for regular trash pickup.  (See Trash Removal)

Prince George’s County Law requires that pets be leashed or under the control of their owner at all times.  Please note that it is the responsibility of each pet owner to clean up after his or her pet.  The Association hopes that residents will use common sense and courtesy regarding their pets so this does not become an area of contention.

Snow Removal
Indian Creek/North Creek has a contractor to provide snow removal services.  Snow Clearing to include roadways only: no sidewalks or lead walks. Sidewalks and lead walks are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Trash Removal
The Association trash removal is provided by Prince George’s County (301-952-7630). The days for trash/recycling removal is on Thursday.

Trash will not be collected on the following legal holidays: New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Trash pick-up will resume on the next regularly scheduled day for pick-up.

Payments - Pay on-line at:  “Payments”. When making an online payment through you need to enter our Management ID which is 7118. Choose either One Time Credit Card Payment, One-Time eCheck Payment or Recurring Payments.  Be sure you select the correct homeowner’s association and follow the instructions on the screen.

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